A blind washed up musician on the verge of becoming homeless seeks to derail his roommate's wedding in a desperate attempt to keep from being thrown out onto the street.


   Harking back to my bachelor days, living in a dilapidated apartment, in downtown Brooklyn; I chose to tell a story inspired by an old roommate, who happened to be visually impaired. Taking a Greyhound bus and traveling all the way from Michigan by himself, my roommate, Gary Bergman, wanted to pursue a music career in New York. And despite the constant rejection he received from the music industry, Gary persevered. During his vain attempts of seeking auditions, Gary would recruit me to be his "eyes" as I helped him navigate through the New York subway system and the crowded city streets. As time went on, I fell into the role of his quasi manager, and even though I was the first one to be discouraged, Gary encouraged me to live in the moment and enjoy the ride. During that period, we found our way through an array of dive music venues, posh night clubs, and regular neighborhood watering holes. To my surprise, Gary was the one who was most comfortable around people, always befriending anyone around his near circumference. And it was because of Gary's constant nudging , that I was able to break out of my shy shell. Sadly, Gary never "made it" in the music industry, but he married a physical therapist which motivated him to become a masseuse and he is now working in a popular downtown spa.

  Consequently, after graduating from the NYU film school, and working for so many years as a lighting technician, I decided I had a story to tell; Gary Bergman's. In 2007 I produced and directed a short narrative inspired by his story, which I titled, "Blind Wingman". The short was showcased at the Cannes Short Film Corner that same year. And after receiving encouraging reviews, I decided to immerse myself in a two year screenplay program sponsored by the Writer's Boot Camp. To which the end result was an early draft of Best Man in the Dark. Then, after a year of tinkering with the script I decided it was ready to be produced.

   Through luck and happenstance, I connected with producer Jason Short, founder of the burgeoning production company, Midnight Tree House. Jason embraced the story from the start, and together we embarked on a year long journey to get this project produced and ready to be showcased. I am truly grateful for the crew and talent, Jason was able to assemble, and it is my sincerest hope, Best man in the Dark, is as enjoyable to the audience as it was for me to tell the story.


Yours truly,

Alfred Padilla  

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